Internal Staff Training Tips and Benefits

Training employees promotes growth. Organizations have the option to use internal or external training methods. Internal training offers many benefits that one could not get if they go by external programs.

Benefits of Internal Training

  • It facilitates the training to occur naturally because employees cement knowledge while training their colleagues.
  • It helps to enhance the skills of the staff and prepare them for the next promotion (Simplylearn). It can also prepare the staff for internal transfers.
  • Internal training is more practical and hands-on. The training involves coming across real-life cases encountered daily at the workplace. Successful internal training focuses on the skills that employees require to succeed in their work.
  • Internal training provides an opportunity for more relaxed learning. Employees learn new things from a language and terminologies they understand. Through internal training, the employees’ knowledge is developed and cemented in the topic of interest.
  • Traditionally, making an employee teach others is one way to make sure they understood something.

Internal Staff Training Tips

  • Performance development planning is the best tool for use in laying out a plan for the internal development of the employees. You could employ the following activities to support internal training of the staff:
  • Involve the employees in higher strategic meetings to learn how things happen at that level.
  • Involve the employees in the planning of decision-making of the company-wide process.
  • Expand the exposure of the employees to more information. You could include them in your mailing lists and the company briefings.
  • Allow the employees to establish priorities, measurements, and goals.
  • Assign the experienced employees the role of teaching new employees in the company.
  • You could assign the trainee staff the responsibility of team leadership, a supervisory role, or an assistant leader.
  • It’s also a good idea to trust the employee a project to head at the top or an assistant. This will provide excellent exposure and a good learning opportunity to the staff.
  • You could promote a mentorship relationship where the boss spends enough time with the trainee. You could also allow the employee to cross-train other diverse roles and responsibilities.

Internal Staff Training Sessions

Internal training sessions are organized for staff who attend external training to teach the other staff in his/her department. It can also be done by an external trainer who has established a strong relationship with the organization for a long. In a few cases, staff with extensive experience could be called upon to train new hires in a department. The organization can sponsor an internal conference to learn new skills and ideas.

Relevant information that employees are required to know can also be shared through the company website and intranet for learning. This is an effective method for orienting the new staff into the organization. It’s also advisable to buy reading materials for the staff. Employees’ book club could be sponsored to give them a chance to learn any new concepts from the book and apply them in their workplace. Internal staff training is commendable for its high effectiveness and cost reduction.