Kitchen Knives

A good set of knives will make food preparation quicker and easier, while a poor set (or no set at all) can make cooking frustratingly difficult.

Chef Knife.

A Chef’s Knife, also known as a Cook’s Knife or French Knife, is a large cutting tool used in food preparation.

Kitchen Knife

This is the most commonly used knife, with a wide range of uses in cooking and general kitchen activities.


Grindstones are usually made out of stone or sand and are used in the kitchen to sharpen knives.

Japanese Knives

Japanese-style western chef knives have a width of about 3 millimeters on average and are thus more suitable for beginners.

Knife Set

knife sets come with many different knives included in them, and it is also important to make sure you will need all of the knives before purchasing one.

Vegetable Knife

Most vegetable knives are designed with a handle that is either black or white, and the blade of the vegetable knife features serrations.

Slicing Knives

A slicing knife has a little curve, which allows it to cut and slice vegetables and fruit by applying less pressure.

Peeling Knife

It’s used mostly for precise peeling, slicing, and dicing.

Santoku Knife

Santoku is a Japanese-style knife originally designed for cutting meat and fish.

Sushi Knife

Sushi knives were specifically designed for cutting fish and other meat used in sushi.

Universal Knives

Universal knives can be used for mincing, chopping, dicing, slicing, carving.

Boning Knife

The two main types of boning knives are French boning knives and American boning knives. Both are used for cutting meat away from the bone.

Filleting knife

A filleting knife is a thin, flexible blade with a sharp point. It is generally between seven and nine inches long.

Bread Knife

A bread knife primarily has a long blade with serrations and a sharp edge on the other side.


The whetstone comes in a pack of two which can be easily used for sharpening knives.